coexistence, equilibrium and VICTOR FOTA

Deeply invested in cosmic understandings and concepts of spirituality and inner universes, visual artist Victor Fota achieves surreal coexistence.

Born in Bucharest, Fota previously studied conservation and the restoration of classic works of art, which he now appropriates in his forceful approach to natural and artful equilibrium. In general, the representations, often surrealist, aim to the same concept. The parallel existence of realities, the one which is given to humans-either by a spiritual creator or by the forces and laws that govern the universe which in the same time represents the basis of rationality, and the other one, which coexists and which is created by human mind representing the dimension for emotional contemplation. I tend to believe that their coexistence is a natural equilibrium in which the human is the center of the Universe.” [via Booooooom]

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