The Poetic VHS Nightmare of Philip Ob Rey

Much like a the haunting echoes of a dark poem, French multimedia artist Philip Ob Rey offers his new photographic series, '“V” HS Project'.

His sculptural monsters made of VHS tapes offer elements of mythology, disillusionment, and the nightmares of an apocalyptic landscape. Empowered by its simplicity, Rey adds, "Where those giants were born, handsome sky-debris make the valleys, nascent forests grow betwixt their knees, forgotten beasts hallucinates the remains of a planet plundered by a snow chemistry… Thus is staged V, vision of a rebirth, of the impure Being according to the ancient Scriptures, creating in the manner of a nihilist prophet a magnified vision of primitive symbols, of holistic elements and exhausted naturalism of the end of a world, and the beginning of another existence.” [via Hifructose]

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