Sculptor Sir Anish Kapoor's “Descension”

British-Indian sculptor Sir Anish Kapoor latest exhibition, titled “Descension,” is currently at Galleria Continua in San Giminagno, Italy.

Included amongst the vast series of new sculptures from Kapoor is his previously presented dark, abysmal whirlpool built of steel, water and a motor. Meant to reflect the collective self-consciousness and eternity of space and time, the 500 x 500 cm dark whirlpool is a mesmerizing epicenter that swirls into cosmic proportions.

I have always thought of it [the void]… as a transitional space, an in-between space. It’s very much to do with time. I have always been interested as an artist in that very first moment of creativity where everything is possible and nothing has actually happened. It’s a space of becoming."

Anish Kapoor’s “Descension” runs at Galleria Continua through June 5, 2015. [via Designboom]

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