Melissa McCracken Paints The Music She Hears

Artist Melissa McCracken uses her Synesthesia to bring abstract, visual brilliance to the music that she both hears and sees.

Synesthesia, a neurological occurence when brain synapses remain intact rather than separating while in development, causing sensory and cognitive inputs to cross and potentially allowing the individual to taste color or see sounds, can be used to create stunning works of art.

“As a synesthete, the music I hear is translated into a flow of texture and colors. Synethesia, although not disorientating, can sometimes leave me at odds trying to describe what I can see to others. Painting in oils and acrylics is a way to express and exhibit the beautiful colors that I see on a day to day basis, whether it’s hearing someone’s name, or that song on the radio. I paint a variety of artists from Led Zeppelin to Stevie Wonder.”

Check out McCracken's work below including pieces to Radiohead's "Lucky", John Legend's "Imagine", and Jimi Hendrix's "Little Wing". [via 123inspiration]

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