Xavier Veilhan's "Music" @ Galerie Perrotin

On March 7th French artist Xavier Veilhan will open his solo exhibition "Music" at two Galerie Perrotin locations in Paris and NYC.

The exhibitions include various music producers who Veilhan sees as "responsible for creating the soundtrack of our time." His 3D-printed figurative sculptures include Quincy Jones, Rick Rubin, Pharrell Williams, Nigel Godrich and more.

The press release details further: "...Visual translations and representations of our auditory environment and the people responsible for its production. In so doing, he makes visible our hypermodern and increasingly artificial aural world, which, without intervention, can often go unnoticed and unconsidered...With 'Music', the artist provides a visual reminder that our lives are suffused with sounds of our own design." [via GaleriePerrotin]

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