Paintings on books by Ekaterina Panikanova

Most recently exhibited at Sara Zarin Gallery, artist Ekaterina Panikanova continues to create her large mosaics using old books as canvases.

Panikanova imagery tends to retain a nostalgic, rustic tone that her books embody, illustrating snapshots of families, deer, birds and baked goods. For each pice she reads the texts and chooses the illustrations from pages themselves, adding: 

"I like working on old books: I like the way the wear and tear, underlinings, notes and scribblings enable me to perceive the personalities of the people who have read them. In Russia, there is a difference between a icon which has been ‘prayed to’ and one which has not; a book which has been read has the same kind of energy as an icon which has been worshiped." [via BeautifulSurface]

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