PREMIERE: Pablo Power's Tributes In Pattern

This Friday, No Romance galleries will explore how patterns function within the arts, nature and history with Pablo Power's “A Circle Unbroken: Tributes In Pattern”.

How exactly do patterns function within the human condition, natural or contrived, and within the material unfolding of our history? Why do we fixate with such certainty towards codification, locking into otherwise fluid arrangements with unquestioned disposition? This is not only history, this is us. And if anyone is asking right now, it is Pablo Power.

Power explores our 'patterns' with a manifested brilliance, materializing his provoking thoughts in the form of sculptural pieces, panels, surfaces and ready-mades. The result is a gorgeous, open-ended excursion with an impassioned aesthetic that dances a rhythm that is all his own, yet pays homage. "Learn from history. Keep the past current. Pay tribute to history."

The opening reception will be held from 7:00pm - 10:00pm on Friday, February 20th 2015 at No Romance galleries, 355 Broadway TriBeCa, New York. Definitely hit it up if you're in the area. [via No Romance Gallery]

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