w+DC Q&A: Illustrator Alexander Grahovsky

In our latest interview we managed to get a hold of Alexander Grahovsky and he was gracious enough to answer a few of our questions! Check out this awesome talent who specializes in NSFW, adult, erotic, pin up, and comics. Great artist, great interview:

Alexander Grahovsky is an established and hilariously poignant digital and traditional illustrator. Ranging from his adult themed oeuvre to his ongoing "Alexander & Grahovsky" comic strip, you need to check out this Madrid-based talent.

Much of your work tends to revolve around humor or adult themes, what initially drew you to these themes? 

AG:  It all comes from my childhood. My father used to read adult comic books and collect a lot of art books. I loved cartoons and superheroes so I grew up with all this stuff around me. He also was painting and drawing all day and I started to imitate him. 

Describe the first piece of art you can remember creating? 

AG:  My parents will tell you that it was a bad copy of Spiderman but for me it's the one I made in my first year at the University for a collective showcase. An eight panel composition about my very first split up. I think it has all the things I like: sequential art, humor, explicit content and feelings. (Sorry, I only keep a scan of the sketch) 

There is a definite unique sense of humor in your comics and cartoons, did you read comics and cartoons as a child? Tell me a little about growing up. 

AG:  Yes, as I said before. It was all there ever since I can remember. I started to collect comics and cartoons before I could even read, just for the drawings. At the same time I looked at all my father's stuff. Maybe I saw at the same age my first Liberatore or Lichtenstein and my first X-Men or Super López (Spanish cartoons).   I grew up in Alicante, a little city off of the Mediterranean. It's a nice sunny place near the beach but there wasn't too much to do if you have these kind of interests. I was always "the kid who draws", so I ended up moving to Madrid seven years ago, big cities bring more chances.




Where is your favorite or most efficient place to work? 

AG:  At home. I have created the perfect place for me with a huge table, a big sofa, a 27inch iMac and a lot of inspirational stuff like illustration and art books of all kinds, movies, comic books, etc… Here I can do whatever I want. It's quite chaotic but I feel comfortable and I have a lot of space.

When did you know that art and illustration was something that you wanted to be doing? 

AG:  I've been doing it for as long as I can remember but it has been in the last three years that I have decided to take it more seriously. It's what I really love to do and it's the only thing I can imagine myself doing for the rest of my life. 




Where do you hope to take your art next? 

AG:  I want to take it to more people, to more places. I want to keep learning and growing. I've got a long list of projects to do, of things to try. I think the right question is "Where will it take me?"

How would you best describe yourself? 

AG: "I'm a nice guy in person but a pervert in the sheets" - Earl Sweatshirt. 
Just kidding… or not. It's not exactly the truth, but this kind of sentence describes how I look at the world and how I am.

Where do you find inspiration? 

AG:  I find it everywhere: a party with friends, a day at the beach, a picture in a magazine, that frame in that movie, song lyrics, etc… I love to change the context of images and stories to give them new meanings, using the colors, hiding the most explicit parts or focusing on a detail of a big picture. I  think the best part of a story is what it isn't shown. 




Best advice you ever received?

AG:  Once I wasn't happy about a piece that didn't come as I wanted.  A teacher told me: "Keep working".

What is in store for you currently? Any key projects for the next months? Anything you want to share? Can our readers help you with anything? 

AG:  I'm finishing a couple of personal projects. One is a humorous comic book about me and a penguin and the other one is an illustrated book for adults which I started two years ago with a solo showcase in Escalera De Incendios [Barcelona, link]. Also, some writers have recently shown interest in my work so for the next few months I hope to get some good news from that end. I want to work with other people so if there's someone who has some interesting project I can fit in, just say hi and let's talk.

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