W+DC Q&A: Scissors, Beasts & Humanity

W+DC Q&A: Scissors, Beasts & Humanity

Micro-symphonies of unpredictability come to a head in the philosophies and beauty of our January cover artists, Irina & Silviu Szekely.


Christine Wu’s “Sleepless” is coming to Thinkspace Gallery’s main room, an expressive and vibrantly unapologetic exploration of the human body.

Alex Markows "Infinity" Series

Alex Markows

Blending dance, performance, photography and painting, photographer Alex Markow turned a demolished building into a new visual series.

Visual Conflicts of Mauricio Viola

Visual Conflicts of Mauricio Viola

As we continue through our submissions, Uruguayan plastic artist based in Chile, Mauricio Paz Viola, shares a visual, metaphysical excursions.

Okuda San Miguel's "Kaos Temple"

Okuda San Miguel's

During December, visual artist Okuda San Miguel began stunning work to convert a church into a gorgeous skate park.

Paul Kaptein's "Future Perfect"

Paul Kaptein's

The beauty of distortion comes to an apex with Perth-based artist Paul Kaptein's latest, "Future Perfect".

"Displacing Waves" @ SUPERCHIEF

After traveling across the United States over seven months, Esteban del Valle's experiences manifest into "Displacing Waves".