El Mac's "Desert Rose" @ MCAM

El Mac's

The brilliance of El Mac continues to expand as Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum recently commissioned the artist for an exterior piece.

Emotions & artistry of Christine Wu

Emotions & artistry of Christine Wu

Visual artist Christine Wu explores the depths from which our most honest and truest forms of artistry and self-expression bloom.


Eric Yahnker continues his hilarious pieces from paper to sculpture and installation with "Steve Jobs' Day Off".

"Redemption" by Fabio M. Roque

As we continue to make our way through our submissions, check out one from back in March by Fábio M. Roque.

Jeremy Mann's Visual "Cityscapes"

Jeremy Mann's Visual

San Francisco-based artist Jeremy Mann continues to explore his adventurous, impressionistic oil “Cityscapes” series.

W+DC Q&A: The Art & Flow Emotion

W+DC Q&A: The Art & Flow Emotion

Our April cover artist, Loui Jover, embarks on a journey of emotion - an ebb and flow of melancholia imbued with a painter's touch.

"Transcend" @ Lawrence Alkin Gallery

From April 22nd until May 21st Tom French will stun the audience at Lawrence Alkin Gallery in London with Transcend.